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Presque Isle: The Star City

Carroll's Auto Sales

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Presque Isle Historical Society

Text by Chris, a Presque Isle Middle School student
Images from the Presque Isle Historical Society by Carroll's Auto Sales

Hello, my name is Mac and I started working for Carroll’s Auto Sales in Presque Isle, Maine fifty years ago down where JP Cash Market is now located. Back then, Frank (Skippy), who owned Carroll’s Auto Sales, sold used cars. Skippy bought the Chevy franchise from Etscovitz in 1961. Skippy moved to the Carroll’s Auto Sales current location at 280 Main Street in 1963. After the move we sold all General Motors cars except Pontiac.

I started working as a clean-up boy part time. My other job I worked was as a dairy boy. I would go to work at four in the morning for the dairy farm. I would get done at eleven and work for Carroll’s until five at night. Sometimes after supper, I would go to Bangor to get a used car from Avis rental and not get back until twelve. One time my boss Skippy needed us to go get a car in Bangor. At the time we had a Cadillac limousine on the lot, and we decided to use that to tow the new car back. When my boss found out what we took down there to get the car, he was really mad at us. After I stopped working for the dairy farm, I worked cleaning cars and as a grease monkey. Also at night I would go down to Carroll’s and under-coat cars to keep them from rusting.