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Presque Isle: The Star City

Adventures in Aroostook County

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Text by Mary, a Presque Isle Middle School student
Photos from the Jeremiah, the interviewee

Jeremiah grew up in Washburn, Maine until he was 12 years old. He was in the middle of eight siblings. Growing up on a farm he had his own pony named Scout that he broke himself. He would chase his siblings around the pastures.
After moving to Presque Isle, he would walk to Cunningham School every day. His Latin teacher would let his band play and practice during study hall. His favorite subjects were music and ancient history. If you lived close to the school, you were allowed to go home to eat lunch. He would play football and baseball with the neighborhood kids. Usually his time spent alone was either studying, reading a book, or doing chores.
Each night, the boys in the family would take turns cooking dinner. Jeremiah would usually make meatloaf or baked potatoes. His favorite meal was his brother’s scrambled hamburger and home-made French fries.