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State Street Baptist Church

Text by Karlee and Laurin, students at Presque Isle Middle School
Edited by Presque Isle Historical Society

The Free Baptist Church was founded March 19, 1843. Originally, the congregation met in an old school building three miles south of town on the Houlton Road. The pastor at that time was Joseph Roberts. In 1880, land was purchased on the corner of what is now Second and State Streets and the building known today as State Street Baptist Church was built on the site in 1881. A large attendance was expected in the new building. However, attendance was only 40 members. The church merged with another local Baptist congregation and, for a time, was known as the United Baptist Church. On January 1, 1970, the name was changed to State Street Baptist Church. The church building is the oldest public standing building in Presque Isle. In 2004, dry rot and lightning damage required the removal of the church’s steeple. This church has become a place for people to worship because it is said to be founded on “God’s Word”.

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