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Presque Isle: The Star City

Green's Department Store

Text by Amelia and Alex, students at Presque Isle Middle School
Images from and the students

Green’s Shoes and Clothing Department Store was named after Harry Green. In 1910, Green bought the Fred Porter Store. The old building was lost to a fire in the year 1912. Maurice Klein, from New York, rebuilt the building from brick in 1914. Green rented the building and added on to the store in 1923. Throughout the years he added a shoe department, a ladies’ and a children’s department to the store.
Mr. Green was a Presque Isle merchant for 37 years. He also opened two other stores, one in Houlton and the other in Danforth. One of Green’s two sons, Eddie, managed the store starting in 1952. Green’s Shoe and Clothing Department Store closed in 1959 after 49 years of doing business. In 1988, Dana Cassidy purchased the block. The old building that was once Green’s still stands. Today the old building serves as a place for several businesses.

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