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Presque Isle: The Star City

Presque Isle Congregational Church

Text by David and Jon, Presque Isle Middle School students
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The Congregational Church was the first church structure in the City of Presque Isle. It was a plain white building with a bell tower and forty-four pews. The total cost of the church was 4,750 dollars. “Friends of the congregation from both near and far” helped pay for the church. On June 7, 1909, the original church was destroyed by fire. The new church cost 6000 dollars with an additional 1000 dollars for furnishings. In the spring of 1914, a lot on Second Street, next to the present post office, was sold to the church. In 1868, 700 dollars was raised to put a bell in the original church structure. They paid $400 to purchase and install the bell. Today the official name is the Presque Isle Congregational Church.

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