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Presque Isle: The Star City

Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library

Text by Megan and Samantha, Presque Isle Middle School students
Images from and the students

Before the Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library was established, library books were kept in stores, so the storekeepers were also called librarians. It started in 1847, when pioneers were interested in library service. The group organizing the library was the called Half and Half Club. Later the Carnegie Foundation donated 10,000 dollars toward creating a library building in Presque Isle. Thomas Phair provided the building site. The first librarian was Mrs. Lou Marten. The Mark and Emily Turner Memorial Library was originally called the Carnegie Library. The library service increased and a larger building was needed. It was decided to add onto the library. The library received its current name because Mark and Emily Turner donated 60,000 dollars for the new addition. In the year 1967, the library was dedicated to Mark and Emily Turner for their donation. The library continues to serve the people of Presque Isle.